You can of course use the contact form on this website for any question you may have. However, as I am not always available when I’m on the field, you will find here the answers to the most frequent questions I receive…

Did you study photography?      

No, at least not in a photography school… But I’d say I studied it a lot from my home, in first. I’ve read numbers of books, and I think the most important, I’ve spent countless of hours – and I still naturally do it – watching photographs over the internet, from more or less famous photographers, trying to understand what makes them work, what actually makes a good image. It’s not so obvious in a beginner’s eyes, but by spending time on the images and asking yourself questions, I think you can really train your eye, and this will make a difference on the field. Then comes the endless experimentation part!

What’s your story? When did you start photographing? 

As often, the way that led me to become a photographer is not very straightforward. So let’s start with the beginning…

I’ve always loved travelling. My relatives were spread across Europe and North & Central America, I guess that’s why I’ve got the idea that the world is not so big and that travelling is a common thing.

At the time of university, I chose to study physiotherapy and really enjoyed the human aspect of this job for years. But working between four walls and staying at the same place all year long was leaving somehow frustrated… It’s during a paragliding trip to Nepal early in 2010 that the passion for photography struck me. After few weeks flying intensively, I felt the need of bringing back images of the wonderful people I was meeting there. Once back I was determined to learn the technical aspect of photography and invested in my first DSLR. I practiced a lot by shooting what was right at my door step: the beautiful Alps and some of the world’s best acrobatic paragliding pilots. But this was still not my final target… As you guessed I wanted to travel! I switched from my full-time physiotherapist job to a part-time substitute, which was still giving me good enough money and much more time for trips abroad, with photography becoming more and more the reason for wanting to travel. The first time I went to Madagascar, I had the opportunity to shoot for an international NGO. My first photographer job! I became much more serious with the craft, and discovered I could easily teach it in various places. After a while, I decided to completely leave physiotherapy to enjoy this nomadic lifestyle for some time!

What gears do you use?

I am currently shooting with a Canon 5DMark3, and two very good zooms: the canon 24-70mm F2.8 L and the 16-35mm F2.8 L. As I don’t like to travel to heavy, I progressively left behind my canon 70-200mm F2.8 L lens, although it has been with me for a while and might still come on some projects… Apart from that, I always carry a big Photoflex 5in1 reflector, probably the piece of gear I use the most after my camera and lenses. I recently invested in a small mirrorless, the Panasonic Gx7 and its 20mm prime lens. It won’t replace my DSLR, but it can be a great gear when I need more discretion or « tourist like » look.

How do you manage to fund your travels?

First of all, let’s say that I don’t have a fancy lifestyle. Since I completely left my job as a physiotherapist, I also don’t have a home as such, and when I have one for a while it is in places where the cost of life has nothing to do with developed countries. Then I always try to mix up photography teaching and/or commissioned work for organizations abroad with my personal photographic projects. I also sell photos to magazines or in prints from time to time.

I want to learn photography, do you give courses?

Yes, I sometimes give workshops or seminars, and I’m also offering individual photography workshops which are highly customizable depending on your level and interests. To keep it affordable for you, these workshops follow the destinations of my photographic projects. You can read the dedicated workshop page for more informations on it works.

Can I use one of your photos on my blog/website?

All of my photos require a license, even for use on a blog or website, however I may make exceptions depending on the circumstances and content of the site… Just contact me for any queries of this sort.

Do you sell prints of your photos?

Yes, all of the images found on this website are available as custom high quality prints. Please contact me for more information including available sizes and cost.