I’m a freelance photographer from France.

I started travelling in my late teens to see my dad and his family, and I remember my grand-parents being keen to hear about my travel stories as soon as I was back home in France. I used to ask them to wait until I developed the photos so I could have images to show along with my stories as it was difficult for me to share my experiences abroad without the visual support of photographs.

Years later a digital camera thankfully ended in my hands… I learned photography and became more and more interested in developing the « story-telling » aspect of my travel images. Curious about Human kind, different ways of living and traditions, I chose to focus on cultural and documentary photography.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet people along the way who helped me grow as a photographer, giving me precious advices. I’ve gradually quit my previous job as a physiotherapist and I fully enjoyed a nomadic photographer life. I have now settled down in France again and I am very involved into environmental and social activities, trying to inform and raise awareness on climate change and its consequences. I remain available as a photographer for human and ecological causes.