Vezo, a life on the Indian Ocean

The Vezo fishermen, previously nomads now sedentarized, are one of the 18 ethnic groups of Madagascar. They live on the South-West coast of the country, have their own dialect and a strong ancestral relationship with the sea they still depend on to make their living. The tiny village of Sarodrano is at only one hour by sailboat -when the wind is good- from the city of Toliara. For this reason, it became the daily meeting point between the fishermen of the region and the merchants from the big city. It is also one of the first spots for the culture of red-algae, the economical alternative to fishing for the Vezo community. Located on a sand peninsula and surrounded by a lagoon, Sarodrano looks like a paradise on Earth. Not crowded by tourists, it remains easily accessible for anyone who wants to chill out and appreciate the traditional life of these Vezo fishermen.